What is the 'Representative' option used for?

You can designate a Representative role for your onpatient account.

This option can be especially useful for parents/guardians who want to manage health record and doctor/patient communication information for their minor children.

Please note that both users must have an existing account with onpatient. 

Login to the onpatient account of the person you are trying to gain access. For example, if you are a parent trying to gain access to your child's account, you will need to login to your child's onpatient account using their email address and password. Once logged in select the patient's name at the top right corner.



Select "Representative." Select the option "Who Represents Me" and enter the email address of the person trying to gain access to the account. Click the "Search" button.


Once onpatient recognizes the Parent/Guardian's email address select the green "Allow "Parent/Guardian's Name" to Representative me with "Provider's Name" button.  

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