Paying through OnPatient


You can easily pay your bills through OnPatient If you don't see the option to pay a previous bill, contact your provider as they may not have activated this feature for their account. 

Your provider's office can send you a statement. 


1. Log into OnPatient and click Billing.  You can click Pay to pay your statement. Or you can click Payment Methods to add a card. 


2. When you click Pay you will be prompted to use a card on file or enter one-time payment information. To proceed with the card on file click Pay


If you choose to use one-time information, you will be prompted to add card and billing information. When finished, click Pay


3.  When you add a payment method, enter the card and billing information and click Save Card.  


Once the card is on file you can use it for payments. 


4.  Once you have entered one-time payment information or saved a card on file, you will be ready to make a payment.  Click Pay to continue. 



7. Next, click the  Confirm button. Please note: If you do not click this button the payment will not complete successfully.OnPatiniet_Payments_Confirm.png


8. Congratulations, your payment went through!


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