Paying through onpatient

You can now pay your bills through onpatient, never having to leave your home! If you don't see the option to pay a previous bill, contact your doctor as they may not have activated this feature on their end.

1. Log into onpatient and click "Billing"

2. This will take you to the Statement page. Next, click "Payment Methods" to enter a credit card.

3. Enter the credit card information here.  Next, click "Save Card".

4. Go back to the statements section

5. You can either click the "Make a payment" button in the top right corner or "Pay (Amount)" button next to the specific bill

6. Select the doctor, the card, and the amount you want to pay and then click the blue "Pay (Amount)" button.

7. Next, click the blue "Confirm" button. Please note: If you do not click this button the payment will not complete successfully.

8. Congratulations, your payment went through!


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