Families Using Onpatient (What if my entire family only wants to use one email address?)

What do you do if you have one email address for your entire family and they all want to use onpatient?

If you have a gmail account, you can create accounts under, and etc. for the children names. The emails informing you that a provider has messaged you would all go to the same inbox ( 
If you do not use gmail as your email provider, you will need to create a new email for the child. Depending on your provider you can often set up forwarding so any email sent to that address, will get forwarded to your inbox. 
Utilizing an envoy only gives you the option to send messages as someone else. On the doctor side, they can opt to send messages to either the patient or the envoy. The best option is really to just sign into the onpatient account for you or your family member that you would like to look at.
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